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UNIT #15252
APO AP 96205-0025

EAMB-VET-CO 10 October 2013

Guidelines for Worldwide Directory of Sanitarily Approved Food Establishments for Armed Forces in the Republic of Korea

1. History. This headquarters publishes a revision of this publication on an annual basis.
    2. Purpose. The Directory lists sanitarily approved establishments located within the Republic of Korea geographic area of responsibility (AOR) as processors and distributors of food for Armed Forces procurement, as required by AR 40-657, 21 January 2005, Veterinary/Medical Food Safety, Quality Assurance, and Laboratory Service. The 106th Medical Detachment (VSS) compiled and prepared this Directory.

    3. References.
          a. AR 40-657/NAVSUPINST 4355.4H/MCO P10110.31H Veterinary/Medical Food
        Safety, Quality Assurance, and Laboratory Service.

        b. Medical Command Pamphlet 40-13, USA USAPHC Guidelines and Procedures

        c. MIL-Standard 3006C, Sanitation Requirements for Food Establishments

    4. General. The U.S Army Veterinary Service has inspected the establishments listed in this directory for compliance with applicable sanitation standards. Each establishment is subject to sanitary surveillance inspections to ensure continued approval as a source of subsistence for procurement by U.S. forces.
          a. An approved item list and inspection responsibility code (IRC) representing the
    responsible military veterinary service charged with providing the audit, follow each establishment name and address. The inspection responsibility code is listed in Appendix M.
          b. The Directory lists establishments located within the Republic of Korea which are
    approved as sanitary sources of subsistence for procurement by the appropriated and non-appropriated agencies of the U.S. military forces. Recent deletions, additions and changes to the establishment listing in Korea are published and updated.

    5. Commercial establishments that process food, beverages or related products which usually possess little or no potential health hazard are eligible for exemption from routine inspections at the discretion of the 106th Medical Detachment (VSS) Commander. Examples of types of products produced or supplied by exempted establishments are canned and bottled beverages (not water), condiments, soy sauce and food service paper products. However, these establishments are subject to an initial inspection and update inspections as determined and directed by the 106th Medical Detachment (VSS) Commander. Suppliers will send their requests for listing as an exempt establishment as stated in paragraph 5 above.

    6. Suppliers proposing to bid on Armed Forces contracts, and whose establishments are not approved as sources of supply, must submit written requests for audits, signed by management; through either local or central purchasing agencies (see Appendix B for details and forwarding addresses).

    7. The responsible veterinary service personnel will perform sanitary audits at prescribed intervals, and report changes in plant status, etc., in accordance with applicable regulations and directives. This memo supersedes USFK Memorandum, dated 09 August 2005.

    COL, VC