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DOD Food Analysis and Diagnostic Laboratory Routine Food
Testing Panel Updated 21 May 2020

This document lists the tests routinely performed by the FADL on various food commodities. Unless a submitter requests specific tests on the sample submission form (DA 7539), the FADL will conduct the tests listed below for that particular commodity. The FADL will test all destination monitoring samples in accordance with this document.

Refer to the current version of USAPHC Circular 40-1, Appendix O, for a list of critical limits for each test. Samples exceeding these limits will be flagged in the final laboratory report. Any pathogen or other adulterant detected follows established notification and response procedures directed in AR 40-657. These include contacting the appropriate public health authority and purchasing agency, medical hold actions and possible product suspension and recall (ALFOODACT) actions.

Printable PDF version of the above chart: FADL routine tests updated 21 May 2020 SLM (002) (004).pdfFADL routine tests updated 21 May 2020 SLM (002) (004).pdf