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  APHC  Army Public Health Center
  A.K.A.  Also Known As
  CONUS  Continental United States
  DOD  Department of Defense
  IMS List  Interstate Milk Shippers List
  ARC  Audit Responsibility Code
  MRE  Meals, Ready-to-Eat
  NSA  No Street Address
  NZDB  New Zealand Dairy Board
  OCONUS  Outside the Continental United States
  PUFI  Packed Under Federal Inspection
  PWRMS  Prepositioned War Reserve Material Stock
  ROP  Reduced Oxygen Packaged
  RTE  Ready-To-Eat
  UGR-A  Unitized Group Ration-A
  USAPHC  United States Army Public Health Command
  USDA  United States Department of Agriculture
  USDC  United States Department of Commerce