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The Republic of Korea

1. The supplier/manufacturer must write a letter on letterhead stationary requesting an initial sanitation audit. The owner or an authorized representative of the establishment processing the product(s) must sign the letter. The supplier must address the letter to the purchasing or contracting agency he/she wishes to conduct business with. The request must contain, as a minimum, the following information:

a. The full official name of the processing establishment, street address (or geographical location), city, zip code, and county where the establishment is located (physical location of establishment). If different, include the mailing address.

b. The name, title, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address of the person to contact at the establishment and the normal operating and processing hours.

c. A list of the specific products to be furnished (such as bread, rolls, milk, eggs, etc).

d. If the vendor is a caterer, indicate where the food is prepared, which military facilities, installations or DOD agencies the establishment will serve, and if the meals will be contracted.

2. The purchasing or contracting agency is required to review the request and determine if the supplier is eligible. If the agency wishes to purchase the firm's products, the agency must write a cover endorsement memorandum and enclose the supplier's
request along with the Pre-Audit Questionnaire (PAQ) completed in English (only) as well as all PAQ supporting documents. Endorsements from distributors and/or supplier/manufacturer letters without endorsements from a contracting agency/officer will not be accepted. The endorsement memorandum must contain, at a minimum, the following purchasing agency information: a correct mailing address; a point of contact, telephone and fax numbers; and an e-mail address.

Initial audit requests in the Republic of Korea Area of Responsibility also require a Pre-Audit Questionnaire (PAQ) completed (in English only), and included in the Initial audit request packet, as well as all PAQ supporting documents. The purchasing or contracting agency will ensure that all sections of the PAQ are completed in accordance with the instructions. Submit the completed PAQ in Word format, not PDF. Failure to submit accurate/complete questionnaires may result in delays in the Initial audit

The agency should submit the audit packet at least 70 days before the first delivery of the desired product to:

Food Protection & Public Health Sanitation Division
U.S. Army Public Health Center
Building E-5158
8252 Blackhawk Road
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21010-5403



3. The U.S. Army Public Health Center (USAPHC) will perform a technical review of the packet. If the PAQ is not included, is incomplete, or if the letter of request and endorsement are not included, the packet will be returned to the purchasing or contracting agency. A completed packet will be processed, to include a review of the PAQ. USAPHC will establish initial contact with the vendor to ensure that the scope of the audit is communicated and POC communication details are valid. The Deputy Chief,
Food Protection & Public Health Sanitation Division, will review and authorize the audit request to be tasked to the responsible Public Health Command Activity. The tasked auditor will contact the plant to schedule the audit date. When the audit is completed, USAPHC will furnish the purchasing or contracting agency with a copy of the vendor approval or disapproval letter.

4. For questions or more information, contact the Approved Sources section at the U.S. Army Public Health Center address above, telephone 410-417-3725 or e-mail

Pre-audit questionnaire for use by the Korean area of responsibility only:

Blank PAQ Korea.pdfBlank PAQ Korea.pdf

Blank PAQ Korea.docxBlank PAQ Korea.docx