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The European Area of Responsibility
(Revision dated 15 February 2022)

1. The supplier/manufacturer must write a letter on letterhead stationery requesting the Initial sanitation audit. The owner or an authorized representative of the establishment processing the product(s) must sign the letter. The supplier/manufacturer must address the letter to the purchasing or contracting agency he/she wishes to conduct business with. The request must contain, as a minimum, the following information:

a. The full name of the processing establishment, street address (or geographical location), city, and county where the establishment is located (physical location of establishment.) If different, include the mailing address.

b. The name, title, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address of the person to contact at the establishment and the normal operating and processing hours.

c. A list of the specific products to be furnished (such as bread, rolls, milk, eggs, etc.)

d. A list of the federal, state, and local regulatory agencies that currently inspect/audit the establishment. If there is a federal or state establishment number, please provide that number.

e. If the establishment is a caterer, indicate where the food is prepared, the military facilities, installations or DOD agencies that will be served, and if the meals will be contracted.

2. The purchasing or contracting agency is required to review the Initial audit request and determine if the supplier is eligible. If the agency wishes to purchase the firm's products, the agency must write a cover endorsement memorandum and enclose the supplier's request along with the completed Pre-Audit Questionnaire. Email endorsements from purchasing or contracting agencies are not accepted in accordance with AR 40-657. The memorandum must include the following purchasing/agency information: a correct mailing address; a point of contact, telephone and fax numbers; and an e-mail address. Requests submitted from the following agencies will be reviewed by the following point-of-contacts (POCs) prior to submission to Public Health Command Europe (PHCE), Veterinary Services Division (VSD):

· AAFES EUROPE POC: HQ, Exchange Europe & SW Asia, Army & Air Force Exchange Service, Staff Veterinarian:

· DeCA Europe POC: Chief, Contracting Branch Europe

· DLA Troop Support Europe and Africa POC: Chief, Food Safety and Quality Assurance Officer:

· U.S. Transportation Command/TCAQ-CM (USTRANSCOM)
24/7 Duty Phone (618) 402-2369Org Box: TRANSCOM Scott AFB TCAQ
Mailbox Operation:

Initial audit requests in the European Area of Responsibility also require a Pre-Audit Questionnaire (PAQ) be completed (in English only), and included in the Initial audit request packet, as well as all PAQ supporting documents (see attached). The purchasing or contracting agency will ensure that all sections of the PAQ are completed in accordance with the instructions. Submit the completed PAQ in Word format, not PDF. Failure to submit accurate/complete questionnaires may result in delays in the Initial audit process. Note: If requesting an initial audit of a Dairy establishment, an additional PAQ is required to be completed and submitted as well as the attached PAQ. Please contact PHCE, VSD and request the Dairy Audit PAQ.

The agency POC should submit requests 80 days prior to requirement via e-mail to:

3. For questions or more information, contact the PHCE, VSD at DSN: 314-590-9748/9903, Commercial: +49 (0) 6371 9464 9748/9903, or via Email:

Pre-Audit Questionnaire for use by the European and AFRICOM Area of Responsibility (AOR) ONLY: PHCE-VSD PAQ_Dairy.docPHCE-VSD PAQ_Dairy.docPHCE-VSD PAQ_Standard.docPHCE-VSD PAQ_Standard.doc